Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Four Technologies You Need to Be Working With

Adam Richardson, Assistant VP Strategy, Marketing, for the global design and innovation firm frog, writes in the Harvard Business Review Blog Network, on the four technologies that are critical for businesses. While answering one of the commenters, he makes a very important point about how the combination of these four technologies is very relevant for companies. Read more below:

"What do Netflix, Zipcar, Mint.com, Nike+, Amazon, the Nintendo Wii, and the Apple iPhone all have in common? They all take advantage of four technologies that once were scarce and expensive but are now plentiful and cheap. These technologies can be combined in numerous ways, and we are just starting to see companies really taking advantage of the possibilities. These four technologies will have a disruptive impact on your business, almost regardless of which industry you're in. The question is whether you will choose to adopt them before a competitor does.

What are they?
1. Microprocessors
2. Sensors
3. Wireless connectivity
4. Databases"

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