Friday, November 18, 2011

“Older Boomers” (age 56-66) spend the most online of all generations

Data from "The State of Consumers and Technology: Benchmark 2011, US" indicates that older boomers have spent an average of $367 online in the 3 months preceding the report, more than double the amount spent online ($138) by "Gen Z" adults (age 18-22) in that time period.

"Younger Boomers" (age 46-55) are the next biggest spenders ($318), closely followed by "Gen Y" adults (age 23-31), who spent an average of $311.

The top products bought online by all age demographics were apparel/clothing and accessories, purchased by 38% of Gen Z adults and 37% of Gen Y adults.

Gen Y adults, who comprise 19% of the US online population, are the most likely to own multiple connected devices: more than two-thirds of these adults own more than one connected device, including roughly one-third who own three or more.

However, Gen Z adults own an average of 2 connected devices, slightly ahead of the Gen Y (1.9) segment.

The "Golden Generation" (ages 67+) and younger boomers are not far behind in device ownership, boasting almost as many (1.5) connected devices on average as "Gen X" adults, aged 32-45 (1.6).

According to the report, a high proportion of the younger demographics go online using a computer outside of their homes: 83% of Gen Z adults report doing so, followed by 81% of Gen Y adults and 73% of Gen X adults.

This trend is reflective of the findings of the State of Online Grocery Shopping India: Report published by AaramShop recently. 

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