Tuesday, November 22, 2011

QR Mania: Mobile Codes In Magazines Rise 228%

As per reports the number of "mobile action codes" / QR Codes rose from 88 in January issues to 507 in September issues in the US.

Some key campaigns in Q3 involving in-book codes for sweepstakes included an August issue of Allure that generated 576,000 scans to code provider Microsoft Tag and an issue of This Old House that generated 234,000 scans, according to reports.

Nellymoser reports that 6.52% of ad pages in the August issues this year and 5.76% of ad pages in the September issues of the 100 magazines surveyed carried codes.

AaramShop creates interesting opportunities for FMCG / CPG brands using QR codes to increase interactions and engagements and in a very unique manner connects the web engagement into last mile engagement.

Read more on the growing trend of mobile action codes here 

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