Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shopper Marketing is becoming a lot more Social.

As marketers increasingly come to understand that consumer behavior is not always a predictor of shopping behavior, they are becoming more focused on what drives shopper choice, both in online and physical stores.

And as retailers themselves come to understand that their wealth of transaction data (what people bought) doesn't give them true insights into why shoppers behave the way they do, retail merchandising and marketing leaders are questioning everything: store layout, navigation, promotional displays, packaging, associate training, and more.

The evolution of shopper marketing is best understood as an ongoing drive to deliver and capture ever greater value from manufacturer and retailer collaboration.

The most recent evolutionary stage in shopper marketing is the rise of shopper solutions. The new 5th annual Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) shopper marketing study has some interesting insights on how the practice of shopper marketing is evolving.

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