Saturday, November 19, 2011

Transforming Marketing Strategy for Right-Time Revenue Optimization

For many marketing organizations, implementing multichannel marketing to optimize revenue at the right time in the customer life cycle is an imperative.

Putting this foundation in place creates a multichannel marketing strategy framework that will transform your marketing organization into a force that will drive competitive advantage.

In the final stage of marketing maturity, marketing organizations are able to drive their strategies and tactics to create value optimization, using customer intelligence, at each stage of the customer life-cycle.

At any stage of marketing maturity, all marketing organizations have access to data, but few are able to leverage customer intelligence that produces actionable insight to drive marketing strategy.

Where do closed-loop systems intersect with multichannel marketing, and why should they be part of your marketing strategy transformation? To transform your multichannel marketing strategy into right-time revenue optimization, you need to evolve to a closed-loop system that integrates multiple, heterogeneous data sources to drive high-volume, multichannel campaigns.

To fully optimize revenue and gain a competitive advantage, marketing organizations must embrace the foundational elements of transforming their multichannel marketing strategy.

Undergoing this kind of marketing strategy transformation creates a sustainable and scalable multichannel marketing strategy over time that optimizes revenue at the right time, through the right targets, and with the right offer.

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