Monday, November 28, 2011

Why Can’t Newspapers Make Money Online?

An article by ClickZ published in has an interesting take on why newspapers in US do not seem to make money online. This may be of relevance to Indian newspapers as well in the future, although as of now they do not seem to be facing issues in getting advertisement revenues and the publishing industry is going rapidly. Read more below:

"That’s the question I asked myself the other day as I ran smack up against The Baltimore Sun’s paywall after having reached my 15 page per month (free) limit. I’m not a big reader of the Sun, but I was curious about what people were saying about Gordon Ramsay’s “Kitchen Nightmares” visit to one of our local eateries. I clicked a link on Facebook that was supposed to lead me to a post on the Sun’s food blog when I smacked right into the wall.

Oh well. As much as I liked reading the Sun’s blogs (and their food blog – Baltimore Diner – was by far my favorite), it didn’t take much to find another local foodie blog with the dirt on Chef Ramsay’s “Nightmare”-ish tirades. Curiosity slaked, I surfed on to somewhere else… all the while muttering to myself under my breath about how I was done with the Sun.

And I am. I’d long ago moved on to other venues for my world and national news and the only thing that’d kept me coming back to the online edition of my local paper was its collection of blogs. But now that the paywall was up, what was the point? It wasn’t worth $2.50/week to me to read the Sun blogs when there were plenty of other local (and free) alternatives. Besides, the comments on the posts were half the reason I read them – Baltimoreans can be a contentious and entertaining lot when it comes to debating local issues – and I was sure that now that the wall was up the local commenters I’d love to spar with would move on to free-er pastures. And with many laid-off local reporters moving on to new (and better) local sites such as the excellent Baltimore Brew, what was left for me to read?"

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