Saturday, November 19, 2011

Why mobile marketing strategy is important in India.

In India, mobile is going beyond voice and short-message-texting capabilities as the number of active mobile Internet users continues to climb.

By the end of next year, while more than 40 million users will access social media sites via personal computers, over 60 million users will access the sites via their mobile phones.

A Nielsen mobile insights survey finds that non-smartphone users are willing to pay 7200 INR on their next handset, which is below the current average smartphone pricing of 5,500 INR, suggesting that a smartphone will likely enter the consideration set for consumers in 2012.

"The Indian consumer's quest for a new phone is almost entirely feature driven and while the camera and FM radio remain favorites, consumers are now also looking for Internet connectivity via their mobile phone, hoping to finally connect to the growing online community," said Farshad Family, Managing Director of Media, Nielsen India.

A confluence of factors a growing social media user base, an increasing smartphone penetration and a mounting consumer desire to connect is creating a perfect storm of opportunity for brands to make social media an integral part of the marketing strategy with engaging programs that elevate and differentiate their brand from all the rest.

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