Thursday, December 22, 2011

Indian Shoppers Online - 4 out of 5 internet users.

Juxt Consult, India’s leading online and new media research organization has released it’s research report titled India Online Landscape 2011 which profiles ‘online Indians’ as internet users and consumers. The study sheds new light on the consumption and online spending patterns of India’s online citizens.

Some of the highlights of the survey are presented below.
  • ‘Active’ Internet users in India stand at 65 million ( 28% from 51 million last year).
  • 61 million ‘regular’ users (46 mn urban users, 16 mn rural users).
  • Internet reaches 29 million Indian households (avg. users per household up marginally at 2.23).
  • Covers 11.3% of all Indian households and 5.4% of all Indians (13% urban, 2% rural).
  • Over 4 in 5 are ‘daily’ users. Daily users’ base grew faster, at 33%.
* ‘Active’ internet users = who have used the internet ‘in last one year’, ‘Regular’ internet users = use internet ‘at least once a month’

Some insights regarding online buying behavior of Indians include:
  • 4 out of 5 internet users ‘shop’ online (search or buy online), translating into a 50 million strong online consumer base.
  • 17 mn of these ‘online shoppers’ (or 29% of all internet users), also ‘buy’ online – 70% from 10 million last year.
  • Online buyers of ‘non-travel’ products (13.5 million) outnumber ‘travel’ ones (8.6 million).
  • Most bought ‘non-travel’ products were mobile phones & accessories (56%), computer hardware and consumer electronics (35% each) and movie tickets (30%). Most bought ‘travel’ products were train tickets (83%) and air tickets (58%).
Download Highlights of India Online Landscape 2011 Report here (ppt)

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