Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Social Sign-On Could Be a Boon for Retailers

Online retailers, as well as other publisher sites that want to encourage visitors to register and sign in as a way to gain information about them, would do well to consider social sign-on, which allows internet users to carry a login from Facebook, Twitter, Google or a similar site elsewhere on the web without having to fill out forms and go through the hassle of a full registration process at each site they use.

Research has shown that making the registration process easier, and giving users options for signing in with any of several different logins, increases sign-ups and conversions. And Facebook, with its massive reach, has become the leading choice for users.

AaramShop uses the Facebook login option for its customers and we find that the number of customers who use Facebook Login to log on to AaramShop far exceeds the number that use AaramShop's own stand alone system. 

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