Thursday, December 22, 2011

State of Video In E-Commerce Report

This quarterly report focuses on the state of video in e-commerce websites in Q1 2011.
The report highlights statistics and emerging trends in the implementation and usage of online videos by the top U.S. online retailers.
Some of the insights shared included: 
  1. Mass-scaled videos on the rise. The number of retailers who mass-scaled their videos increased by nearly 50%. Still, a staggering 68% of retailers are not yet exploiting the obvious and accessible rewards of using videos on their sites. 
  2. Consumers continue to embrace e-commerce videos. The number of subscribers to online retailer’s YouTube channels increased by more than 20%.
  3. Online retailers respond to audience demand. The number of retailers posting >100 videos onYouTube channels increased by 15%

Download the full report from here

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