Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Video Increases Click-Through Rates While Engaging Shoppers

To extend video life, maximize search rankings and expose their brands, merchants are tapping into Facebook, YouTube and other sharing sites at an increasing rate, according to a recent study titled: "Video For Ecommerce: Success Strategies Come Into Focus"

Along with social media sites, retailers are featuring videos in email campaigns and on web sites, enabling consumers to access video clips on their mobile devices.

Product video length should vary based on the complexity of a product, with duration coming second to conversion rate impact, as per Craig Wax, CEO of Invodo, an e-Commerce video solution provider. "It is better to have someone watch 15% of a video and buy than watch 85% of the video and not buy," he asserts.

Increase consumer engagement with long-form video ads by encouraging tap-to-view videos; Aside from product videos, retailers are educating consumers through how-to videos that describe an application, product or solution.

Through video, consumers already familiar with these brands can understand the inspiration behind a photo shoot via a behind-the-scenes video, for example, or gain inside information on the history of a brand's origin.

Additionally, as consumers continue to focus heavily on social media sites such as YouTube and Facebook, retailers are utilizing those sites as secondary vehicles for e-Commerce videos.

As cross-channel strategies continue to expand in the retail industry, many retailers use in-store quick response (QR) codes to direct shoppers to a product video via their mobile device.
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