Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Where The Social Commerce Customer Has Been and Where We Social Shopping is Going…

The way brands approach providing commerce for customers is also changing. With the social media data on your customers, meaning their preferences and customer behavior data, we could return to the days of mom and pop customized shopping experiences. I thought presenting a short history of e-commerce and f-commerce would be an interesting way to see how shopping has evolved with the latest infusion of social media.

What’s the net-net? 

Web 1.0 shopping carts are now being sub-planted in some ways by shopping within a social network. Will consumers decide it’s a good idea? My opinion is that it depends on whether brands understand the distinction between “big brother” kinds of pop-up ads related to something you wrote in a gmail or a post you wrote on Facebook. That a consumer writes about something isn’t really giving a buying signal. At most it probably indicates brand awareness and maybe interest or preference…, i.e., the beginning of the marketing funnel.

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