Sunday, January 22, 2012

2012 Personalization Predictions.

In 2011, we saw a real shift across the industry in perceptions surrounding personalization. What was considered a "nice to have" just a few years back is now a requirement for any successful online strategy. Yet while half of retailers think they've got personalization mastered, most of them are in fact approaching it in fundamentally the wrong way.
Retailers still rely too heavily on past purchases and customer profile data, giving an online experience based on what the shopper has done in the past — not what they are doing in the moment. In the New Year, the savviest retailers will be those that prioritize personalization based on in-the-moment intent. Here's how we see personalization maturing in the New Year.
Shoppers show up at a website intending to purchase something, but their intent isn't necessarily reflected in their past buying habits or online profile. Retailers will begin to shift away from profile-based personalization by observing micro-behaviors that infer shoppers' current intent, allowing them to customize the shopping experience based on visitors' real-time actions and interests.
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