Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Changes in e-Commerce in 2011.

A trend is the use of video in order to entice customers or to deliver product information. This is a trend that is also being aided by mobile shopping since watching a video is far easier than reading content or product descriptions in small print. 

According to Internet Retailer those who watched a video on the product pages of Stacks and Stacks were 144 percent more likely to add the product to the shopping cart. This trend was apparent in 2010 too when Internet Retailer reported that the chances of a buy were higher by 85 percent when visitors watched a video. 

Zappos, an online retail company that uses product videos for some products on its site saw a 6 to 30 percent increase for the products that had a video. The computer company Dell feels that service calls were reduced by 5 percent due to video. The same drop was 14 percent for Virgin mobile. Another website Shoeline.com saw a 44 percent increase in online conversions.

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