Saturday, January 28, 2012

How to Sell $30,000 Worth of Wine on Facebook

Paul Marsden writes in Social Commerce Today on how has been successful in selling AUS $30,000 worth of wine through Facebook. Read more below.

Lot of talk, not many numbers – sums up the state of f-commerce (Facebook e-commerce) right now.  So it’s refreshing that VendorShop Social, a Facebook e-commerce app provider has released some top line sales figures for one of its clients; Australian online wine merchant,, sold $30K (AUS) of goods via its Facebook fan-store over the last two months.
Winestore uses exclusive fan offers to drive fan sales and lock in fan loyalty. One of their best offers was a free case of Stella exclusively for Facebook purchases – they sold 100 cases of wine within hours of launching the offer. Other exclusive offers for Fans included special mixed cases and free delivery.
Chris Small who heads up VendorShop Social, the Facebook store app provider that’s just received a $500K round of investment says, “Based on the experience of stores using the VendorShop platform, there are two key success factors for f-commerce – show your fans how much they are valued by giving your fans something they can’t get through other channels and remind fans regularly about your store and the products they can buy – you’d be surprised how often that is forgotten”.

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