Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mobile Advertising Comes of Age

Mobile advertising is coming of age. In many ways, it has been driven by the sheer force of the consumer’s insatiable appetite for all things mobile. More to the point, mobile is becoming a substantially more capable vehicle for driving brand awareness, affinity and purchases. 

Advertisers see this pattern taking shape, but there is still a disconnect between the avid mobile consumer and potential advertising dollars. This is caused by several factors, including the sufficient difference between mobile and standard web. Similar to the relationship between offline and online, it simply takes time to adjust to a new market, and credibly, there have been gaps in the mobile ad ecosystem that one can expect in any earlier stage market. 

But this distance is rapidly narrowing as advertisers and publishers employ the building blocks that will expand mobile advertising effectiveness in 2012.

Read more of this insightful article by Ernie Cormier here.

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