Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Saffola integrates the AaramShop advantages within its site.

Saffola (Marico Limited) has now seamlessly integrated the AaramShop platform within its corporate website, thereby enabling visitors to its site to order brands / products that they love. The objective is to ensure that the web-search of the brand by consumers leads the consumers not only to holistic brand information, but also enables them to order the brand that they like. 

By integrating the AaramShop platform within the site, Saffola also ensure that the fulfillment & sales is undertaken by its partner retailers across the country without incurring the related expenses or pains. 

AaramShop is a hybrid retail platform which enables neighborhood retailers to have a web-front of their store where-in the consumers can place orders for their preferred brands from their preferred retailers. 

The "order online" link above leads seamlessly to the brand's page on AaramShop, where it can be ordered from your neighbourhood retailer.

FMCG / CPG brands can now trigger brand purchase prompts across all their web initiatives, including micro-sites, contest sites, Facebook pages, banner adverts etc. using the AaramShop platform. Usage of the platform and the subsequent transactions by the retailers are enabled free of cost.   

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Anusha said...

Love the simplicity of this implementation and the multi-channel engagement that it leads to.

Seems to be a must use solution by all FMCG sites.