Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Six Rules of Gamification.

Gabe writes that since the dawn of the blockbuster gamification industry, he has been compiling, distilling and summarizing design patterns and systems. The objective has always been to help people across diverse industries such as marketing, healthcare, education, consumer tech, CPG and others find common entry points to this exciting new design approach. Over the course of the last two years in his strategic and creative consulting practice (called Dopamine) he has worked with dozens of startups, non-profits and Fortune 500s to bring gamification to life. 

While every experience is (and should be) experientially different, there are six new rules that he has distilled from his work. We can use these as an excellent jumping off point for the gamification design process:
  1. Understand what constitutes a “win” for the organization/sponsor
  2. Unpack the player’s intrinsic motivation and progress to mastery
  3. Design for the emotional human, not the rational human.
  4. Develop scalable, meaningful intrinsic and extrinsic rewards
  5. Use one of the leading platform vendors to scale your project (don’t roll your own)
  6. Most interactions are boring: make everything a little more fun 
Read more details on the 6 rules in Gabe's article here. 

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