Sunday, February 26, 2012

The 23 Use Cases Of Social CRM.

Adam Metz has had many an executive ask him, “What exactly can we do with social CRM, besides field customer complaints and solve problems?” He usually tell them they’ve already discovered the two key use cases, but there are about 21 more to go, and we better keep moving if they ever want to sell the customer anything. They usually ask him to elucidate all 23 of them right there, in their office. To do this would take about five hours, and most executives don’t actually have that much time.

In early 2010, Jeremiah Owyang and Ray Wang, two sharp ex-Forrester analysts (if analysts in this space were rock stars, these guys would be Mick Jagger and Keith Richards), who were working at Altimeter Group at the time, wrote an amazing white paper called, “The 18 Use Cases of Social CRM, the New Rules of Relationship Management.”

As comprehensive and wonderful as the white paper is, Adam thinks the authors actually missed five use cases that he would add. He also argued with, modified, and updated a number of their suggestions.

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