Thursday, February 16, 2012

AaramShop introduces its Premium Product Listings.

In a move to make the online shopping experience exciting, AaramShop has introduced its unique product listing option that envelops the shopper in a complete brand experience.

The innovation would enable marketers across FMCG / CPG categories to take advantage of the proliferation of online video & all other digital content and consumers’ increasing engagement with that content.

Brands that get into digital & related video content—either creating original video clips or re-purposing existing clips from TV spots or by way of contest micro-sites or other brand engagement presence on platforms like Facebook pages, etc —see it as a way to establish an emotional bond with consumers whether they’re providing entertainment or helpful information such as, highlighting the USPs of the manufacturing process, “how-tos” and tips.

Digital & video content not only aids in recall but can also spark a dialogue between brands and consumers. For example, consumers may comment on video clips, rate them, pass them along to friends, upload their own video content or participate in polls and quizzes.

The premium listing of brands on the AaramShop ensures that all brand related digital content is made available at a single location for the consumer to interact with prior to making the buying decision.  

View a premium listed product on AaramShop.

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