Saturday, February 18, 2012

Are Your CPG Brands Maximizing the Return on Your Digital Investment?

CPG manufacturers have invested millions of dollars in their brand websites and social media presence, yet they struggle to show how their brand websites are influencing brand purchases in stores.

To address this challenge, Accenture, comScore and dunnhumbyUSA collaborated on a groundbreaking study to help CPG executives better understand the link between consumers’ usage of brand websites and their brand purchases in retail stores.  Specifically, the research was designed to accomplish three objectives:

• Quantify the retail sales value of the visitors to various brand websites.
• Identify the most valuable features and content that can be provided on CPG brand websites.
• Provide insights and opportunities to further explore online destinations where Internet marketers can best reach their brand buyers and prospects.

The research highlights the significant potential for brand websites to become key drivers in building customer loyalty and preference for CPG brands by creating unique online brand experiences. The study found that:
• Visitors to CPG brand websites spend 37 percent more than non-visitors on the brand in retail stores.
• Brand website visitors are heavier buyers within a brand’s product category, spending 53 percent more than non- visitors on the category in retail stores.

The study also concluded that to maximize impact, the most important website features include compelling brand value messaging, frequent content updates, and content that engages visitors such as promotions, philanthropic appeals, product demonstrations, surveys, and downloadable applications and games.

Download the PDF report here

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