Friday, February 3, 2012

CPG Brands are the Angel Investors in the Private Label Boom.

"As an agency focused on CPG marketing, we’re growing more troubled by retailers’ aggressive private label marketing efforts", says Greg Smith. "Retailers are doing it well. And it’s working. Most alarming, though, is that CPG brands seem to be bankrolling retailers’ private label marketing with the investments in trade and shopper marketing that they are obligated to devote to their retail partners."

We couldn't agree more with Greg's assessment and a field visit to an LFR earlier in the day confirmed our long held view that the "need" and "desire" for the category & brand is created by brands, however, in the last mile the customer is literally "stolen" by the private labels. This is not just the case with the CPG / FMCG category, but very true in the durable category as well. 

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