Monday, February 20, 2012

Four customer experience management predictions for 2012.

Customer experience management is going to undergo some serious changes in the coming months, thanks to mobile technology and social media. And claims that she can make a pretty good guess as to what the most important changes will be.

Kimberly realizes she is a month behind in making any kinds of predictions for 2012, but she had to wait for all the furor of the typical predictions to wind down before she started. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to predict. There are a lot of disruptions that are entering the customer experience management field, and it’s important that anyone in customer service or mystery shopping be able to take advantage of them. Here are the four that she thinks will affect the customer experience management field the most:

1. Social media will become important for everyone, not just the early adopters.
2. Video mystery shopping will grow.
3. Review sites will become more important to your customers. 
4. Text-based customer feedback will become more popular.

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