Monday, February 13, 2012

Here’s What Apple and Google Are Fighting Over: Search Goes Mobile by 2016.

The tech press provides constant updates on the Apple versus Google mobile war, using statistics about unit sales, activation numbers, app downloads, etc. But it’s always good to remember what the war is about.

Here’s a helpful reminder, via a Bernstein research note out today. By 2016, analyst Carlos Kirjner predicts, the majority of Web search queries will come from mobile devices.

Given that Apple’s iOS devices use Google search now — last fall, Google said that two-thirds of its search traffic comes from iOS — all mobile growth is good for Google.

But at some point, Kirjner suggests, Apple may decide to jettison Google for a competitor like, say, Microsoft. And that could cause real problems for Larry Page and company. But those problems would be much, much worse if Google hadn’t created an iPhone competitor in the first place.

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