Monday, February 13, 2012

How Millennial Men React to Mobile Ads

eMarketer has figures on smartphone usage in US. Men in the 18-29 age-group are likely to not just recall seeing a mobile ad, but also to enjoy having done so. Would be interesting to see if we in India have similar figures. Read more below.

"eMarketer estimates that the number of US smartphone users will rise 44% this year to over 106 million. And as these users continue to do more activities on their phones, their likelihood of exposure to mobile advertising becomes assured.

Among millennials ages 18 to 29, men were significantly more likely than women to recall having seen a mobile ad on their mobile phone, at 69%. Less than half of women the same age remembered seeing mobile advertisements. Overall, 59% of smartphone owners of any age or gender reported seeing mobile ads, according to InsightExpress.

Millennial men are not just more likely to recall seeing a mobile ad, they are also more likely to enjoy having done so, according to the research.

Among women ages 18 to 29, just 12% said they liked mobile ads at least somewhat, while a plurality were ambivalent. But fully 40% of men that age actively enjoyed mobile advertising, including 20% who said they liked it “very much.” On average, across all smartphone owners, one-quarter liked mobile ads at least somewhat.

eMarketer estimates US mobile ad spending will reach $2.61 billion this year, up 80% from 2011. Strong growth will continue through 2016, when spending is expected to reach nearly $11 billion on formats including banners, rich media, video, search and messaging."

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