Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mobile Disrupting Path to Purchase.

A recent white paper produced by entitled “Mobile-izing  Grocery Shopping” outlines some of the impacts that growing mobile programs may have on the grocery store, and in particular to the path to purchase.

The white paper can be downloaded from here post registration and it outlines and explores some of the core ways in which mobile will benefit shoppers in-store (savings of time, $$, and convenience) as well as some of the main impacts for the grocer.  

Impacts of this "mobile-ization" for the various members of the eco-system include:
  • For shoppers: More efficient shopping trips. More personalized offers. More savings.
  • For retailers: New ways to create differentiation while meeting the needs of shoppers
  • For suppliers: A dynamic connection with customers right at the shelf.
In particular, the paper concludes with an outline of the potential impacts of mobile to the path of purchase and its relevancy for both retailers and suppliers.  The paper concludes that mobile presents new opportunities to increase communication with shoppers in a more targeted and personalized way, while also bringing together the point of decision and the point of sale.

AaramShop introduced its mobile app which enables shoppers to do their grocery purchase from across thousands of neighborhood grocers with the added ease and convenience. The app is limited to users in India, however, enables shopping of all the FMCG / CPG brands in the country. 

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