Saturday, February 18, 2012

Multichannel Marketing in 2012: 3 Key Insights.

One of marketing’s main missions is to attract and grow a vital customer base. With the growth of social media and proactive customers, brand perceptions are frequently influenced by customer interactions and the experiences they have with companies. Even well-crafted marketing campaigns can be undermined by too many poor customer experiences.

Multichannel marketers can greatly improve outcomes in 2012 by incorporating three insights into how they craft their strategies to achieve a single overall and high-quality experience for customers across all channels:
  1. Consistent, high-quality customer and brand experiences across all channels serve to achieve competitive differentiation.
  2. Superior customer experiences lead to revenue growth by increasing brand loyalty and the likelihood for repeat purchases and recommendations.
  3. Integrated marketing management platforms are essential for meeting the challenges of multichannel marketing and to derive a single view of the customer to craft consistent customer experiences.

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