Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Now FMCG/CPG brands can say goodbye to Microsites

Bettering shopper experiences on last mile digital environment has not been on top of the radar for most marketers in the CPG/FMCG businesses. However, research clearly indicates that consumers in the same sector are increasingly consuming richer content like videos etc and are referring to other digital assets either at the pre-purchase stage or during the purchase phase.

As a move to offer better last mile shopping environments for customers of various brands already listed on AaramShop, our User Experience (UX) Team has come up with a solution that will not only better browsing experience, but will also allow marketers to communicate to the shopper / browser with richer and more relevant content.

The idea is simple.

It is about converting the normal Product Page, which is a free service, into Premium Product or Brand Page. So, with the premium shopping environment at AaramShop, now the customer will be empowered with more content around the product/ brand. This content can be on the following lines:
  • TVCs of brands in case of brand pages, or a particular product in case of a single product page 
  • Any AV or marketing video about the making of the product or usage 
  • Related links/URLs of brand sites, blogs or company website 
  • Social Media Widgets that will integrate existing Social Media Marketing assets like a Facebook page or a Twitter handle 
The AaramShop UX Team reports that a premium page has 6 times more stickiness than a normal product page. An example of one such premium listing is that of Mother Dairy Standardized Milk.

This premium service is a paid, opt-in service from AaramShop.

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