Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Path-to-Purchase: How is it Changing in 2012?

With the emergence of new technologies and new digital channels to advertise on, retailers and brands are noticing the way to reach shoppers throughout the path-to-purchase is changing. In most cases, retailers and brands are re-thinking marketing strategies this year and allocating more shopper marketing dollars for reaching shoppers at different touch points throughout the path. 

According to a survey completed by the Path to Purchase Institute in the January 2012 issue of Shopper Marketing Magazine, more dollars are being allocated to the shopper marketing budget in 2012 – as high as a 10% lift from the previous year. Originally focused on in-store marketing, retailers and brands are realizing the opportunities to reach shoppers throughout the entire path-to-purchase – constantly reminding shoppers of a brand as close to the decision making point as possible.  

So, what has changed? Read more here @ MaxPoint Interactive:

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