Monday, February 27, 2012

Private Label Performance Mixed Across CPG Channels.

It wasn’t so long ago that many shoppers were embarrassed to be seen with a private label product in their cart. Today, nearly everyone buys private label products with no stigma attached. 

Private label products bring something new to the market and are no longer simply “me too” products that offer “the same thing for less money.” Increasingly, they are strategic weapons that separate a retailer from its competitors in a way that helps to build loyalty and purchase behavior. And still, private label can be—should be—even more, according to SymphonyIRI Group’s latest Times & Trends Report, “Private Label: Brand Positioning in the New World Order,” which explores current and emerging trends around private label, as well as national brand efforts to protect and grow their position in the CPG marketplace. Much opportunity remains for private label marketers and national brand marketers alike. But, success will be achieved by those who are thinking outside the box.

“At nearly 23% of CPG unit sales across retail channels today, private label products certainly have momentum and command a sizeable share of consumers’ CPG spending,” said John McIndoe, senior vice president, Marketing, SymphonyIRI. “However, this momentum is not demonstrated equally across channels, retailers, departments or categories. 

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