Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Retail World Still Unprepared for The Mobile Revolution.

According to a new study from Zmags, a provider of rich media mobile and social merchandising, the retail world isn’t quite ready for the mobile revolution.

Based on the findings presented in “Mobile & Tablet e-Commerce: Is anyone really ready?” fewer than one-third of retailers have optimized sites for tablet commerce.

The key finding was that less than one-third of retailers have optimized their sites for tablet commerce. The rest are relying on their standard websites to deliver an “adequate enough” tablet shopping experience. Some retailers’ approach has been to develop iPad apps to address the tablet shopping market, but one-quarter of these apps don’t allow shoppers to buy directly.

Retailers are more evolved when it comes to smartphones, with more than half of retailers having developed smartphone-specific offerings; but those are still falling short. While more than two-thirds of the retailers have developed iPhone apps, only half of that group offers the ability to purchase via the app.

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