Thursday, February 16, 2012

Retailers Use Mobile Devices to Shorten Checkout Lines.

Stores are integrating mobile devices and apps directly on the sales floor this holiday season, transforming the shopping experience in a quest to retain customers. 

Staff in retail outlets are ringing up customers with mobile devices in larger numbers this holiday season, and are integrating in-store shopping apps to facilitate sales as brick-and-mortar retailers aim to better serve customers and streamline a sometimes combative shopping environment.

Urban Outfitters, for example, are equipped with devices like the iPod Touch, outfitted with special scanning technology to ring up purchases. This growing use of mobile devices ensures that customers tired of waiting in long lines don't walk out of the store without purchases, generating more sales.

AaramShop just goes step further by enabling the entire shopping experience on your mobile device and then having the purchase delivered at your doorstep.

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