Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Video turns to be the future.

The popularity of online videos and video advertising has increased in recent times. You can generate enough revenue for your business if you could create strong video content and distribute it at popular video channels. According to tube mogul, for an average video 25% views come in the first four days and an average you tube video is seen 500 times after it’s published. On the other hand newer articles don’t stand a chance; search engines tend to rank older articles in top listings. The newer a video is, more views it gets.

Text search is taking a back seat. Video search traffic is exploding and video publishers would like to monetize on their videos. The advertising vehicle of television commercials has largely been out of reach and beyond affordability for the bulk of small business owners. The tipping point to affordable TV-like advertising changed with the development of the high-speed broadband network and the rise of YouTube.

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To help brands capitalize on the opportunities presented by embedding video related communication, AaramShop recently introduced its Premium Listing options for FMCG / CPG brands which help create a more engrossing shopper experience around the brand. 

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