Saturday, February 18, 2012

What's next in social?

The value of social media in marketing continues to fuel debate. Is it the emperor's new clothes? Or the great new frontier for brand communications?

After major social media stuff ups from the likes of Qantas and Gasp in 2011, will the risky medium continue to been seen as worth the trouble in 2012?

Perhaps not, according to Whybins' Bradbury. "A lot of marketers will be burned by some of their investments in social," he predicts. "Social media is not for every brand and every message. Right now it's the buzzword and it's seen as the holy grail of marketing but there are very few brands that have really used social in an interesting way. I don't think social is the be all and end all."

Nevertheless, its impact is undeniable. Redhill notes that a brand's official website is no longer the "centre of gravity for a brand," with social being one of many essential strands of media which make up effective modern marketing strategies.

For Deloitte, the use of social extends far beyond getting customers to like a page. The company uses social in recruitment, to disseminate commentary on budget reports, to run internal staff games and competitions, (one of which recently won an AMI Award for best internal campaign) and to crowd-source ideas inside and outside the organisation.

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