Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Why Marketers Love QR Codes But Consumers Don’t.

As marketers, we’re aware of the growing popularity of QR codes. The simple, easy to obtain codes that can provide consumers a wealth of product knowledge at the scan of their phone could be a goldmine for marketers. That is, if consumers were playing along.

QR codes have become affixed to everything from rental cars to the back of soccer team members’ heads, but a recent AdAge article reveals that only 5% of Americans who own mobile devices actually scan the codes. This 5% is made up of 14 million adopters who skew young, affluent and male.

This is great if your brand targets that demographic and your QR code reaches them in a convenient location. But what about the those of us who want to reach moms? Parents? Late adopters?
Experts cite three reasons QR codes haven’t caught on - read them here:

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