Sunday, March 11, 2012

2012 Digital Marketing Predictions – What’s In Store?

To stay ahead of the curve in digital marketing, every small and medium enterprise has to know the trick to deliver the best to its customers and clients. It is also very essential for companies to understand the needs and wants of relevant customers. For this carrying out a mere digital marketing campaign is just not enough. As small brand owners, we need to implement the best of strategies and tricks.
Speaking of which, are you aware of the current year’s digital marketing predictions? Here are the most sizzling ones in store for you:
‘Real life’ gaming apps by brands:
The smartphone ‘real life’ games seem to be trending since 2011 but will be at the peak this year. These ‘real life’ games meant for smartphone users, allow them to compete and take part to bag awards, badges and points. Such interesting features included in campaigns were taken up by quite a few companies to hook customers. 2012 will witness many more enterprises doing the same. This helps to build a relationship between the customer and a brand.
Mobile marketing on the rise:
We have already seen that happening in the previous year. Mobile marketing is all set to take off this year, as more and more brands embrace this digital concept of marketing. Mobile marketing allows brands to engage potential and real time customers in the most effective manner. Companies with mobile marketing campaigns have better opportunity to get noticed online.
Social Media Optimization:
Hurray! Social Media remains unbeaten this year too. Big, medium and small brand owners concentrate on sharing relevant content with their audience across the social web. This way businesses are able to attract the audience to their websites. Usage of widgets and various Social Media applications are popular as well.
2012 is a year to go digital to gain the ultimate success in marketing your company. What say?

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