Thursday, March 8, 2012

29 percent smartphone owners use their phones as shopping companions.

A Nielsen study finds thats smartphone owners are using their devices to help make purchases more than ever, with 29 percent of all owners taking advantage of retail-related apps.

A new study from Nielsen’s upcoming United States Digital Consumer Report states that 29 percent of all smartphone users utilize their mobile devices to aid in shopping-related activities, whether online or in stores. Are we surprised the numbers seem relatively low even though numerous apps have been created to help consumers do everything from compare prices, scan barcodes and read product reviews with just a tap and a swipe of a finger?

The report finds that smartphone owners use their phones for price comparison the most, with 38 percent checking prices online while they are browsing items in stores. This method makes sense, as online prices tend to be a bit cheaper if you don’t mind waiting for the item to arrive via mail. Shoppers also seem to prefer ordering items online after they have inspected the product in person to see what they should be anticipating, or if it’s even worth buying. The ability to test items out in stores is something apps cannot replicate despite the many videos and photo gallery previews.

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