Sunday, March 4, 2012

AaramShop-A Jumbo Activation Platform !

Now a friend of FMCG/CPG Brands
Activation Possibilities via AaramShop (premium services series)

Notwithstanding huge spends in main media, CPG/FMCG brands are always on a look-out for avenues and opportunities to get closer to their consumers. Consumers unfortunately can’t touch them through a TV or a print AD. But they can definitely engage with the value proposition though an activation program that enables them to touch and feel.

For a hybrid platform like AaramShop, where consumer chooses his nearest or most suitable retailer to deliver his Grocery order at his doorstep, there can be a number of opportunities for the brand to do a one-on-one interaction with her. These interactions can be initiated on the platform while the consumer is online or it can drive the consumer to experience it through sampling or trials either at the Shop or at the door step.
AaramShop's Hybrid Retailing Model:
With the current reach of more than 24 cities and an extensive coverage of retailers within each city/town, AaramShop, can be a Jumbo Activation Platform for brands that would want to leverage this hybrid, tripartite “etail” ecosystem for grocery and daily essential products. These activation possibilities can be on the following lines:

Coupon based initiatives: a specific marketing or trade related communication can reach customers through this Voucher. Vouchers can either be a printed coupon distributed through AaramShop Retailers in their locality or they can be Smart Vouchers. In Smart Vouchers dissemination happens via SMS, Emails or via the Microsite. Tracking here is the science as it is important for marketers to know who is buying their brand, who is engaging and who is rejecting.

Visibility Drives: the online initiatives will provide the brand to be in the consideration set of customer shopping on the platform. It could be via banner Ads, purchase prompts, Bag-it notifications or any other manner where relevant targeting is done on  The offline visibility drive is done at the Shop Floor. From Window Display Drive to deployment of various POPs or collaterals, depending on the brand’s requirement, focused in-shop visibility drives can be executed across the Nation in entire the AaramShop Network. Targeting a particular geography or a typical genre of retailers in a specific locality is also possible? This is a good medium for brands to initiate micro marketing in association with retailers in a locality. Brands have probably been doing this for decades now. The difference is that with AaramShop the cohesion of the platform comes into being with retailers, consumers and marketers intertwined together through a common string of technology.

Brand Experiences within shops or targeted at door-step and other BTL possibilities.

Sampling initiatives of any kind.
These are just a few tactics out of a plethora of possibilities that have been mentioned above. The Fraternity of New Age Marketers have now got to explore these to the fullest and devise better result oriented metric in their campaign spectrum.

Truly it is, now, just petty done as against-an undone vast!

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