Sunday, March 18, 2012

Boost your Digital Marketing with Facebook!

Facebook has changed the way businesses carry out marketing online. With a social network presence, you can really build a community of an audience which wants to hear from you. However, you need to be careful when dealing with your Facebook Fans.
There are a number of companies which have often gotten it wrong in a number of way. Here is how you can really find success with Facebook -

Active Audience

Over 800 million active users now visit the social networking site. An average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events. This means that by having your brand on Facebook will enable you to quickly get an exposure and have your word out to your audience, an audience which you don’t need to find, rather an audience that finds you.
With every update, you can provide links which can be shared by your fans to their friends and relatives, thus enabling you to spread your website links far across the Internet. There are a number of companies which think that links are a mark of promotion. However, often a status update may not be enough to quench the thirst of information. You can use tools like to direct your crowd to a blog or somewhere else from where they can get more information.
With the links at the end of your updates, you can dramatically enhance your site visits as well as increase the chance of making a sale. Hence, Facebook allows you to treat this medium as a free marketing one!
Feedback is blazing fast on Facebook. Whenever you post something on behalf of your brand on the page, you can be rest assured, those updates will be discussed upon by a ready audience in the comment section. All you need to do is keep a tab on the conversation and play the role of a moderator. This is much better than waiting for PR agencies and marketing department to give you a report 3-4 weeks later on how your products/services were perceived!
When you are thinking about making your audience visit your website by clicking on your links, you cannot just leave it to a meaningless status updates. You need to be personal, and use the appropriate Call-to-Action for the audience to listen to you. You need to give your brand, a face on Facebook.

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