Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Business and Technology Strategy to Maximize Cross-Channel Commerce Growth.

Gone are the days when an e-commerce division was the lonely stepchild of a merchant’s business, clamoring to prove its value. Today, e-commerce serves as a critical growth channel for businesses in just about every industry—a position that will only grow stronger with the emergence of social and mobile commerce, and the continuing integration of these channels with physical stores and contact centers. E-commerce has gone from fringe to foundation, and e-commerce platforms are now serving as the core engines powering cross-channel commerce operations. This means that business managers now need to think strategically about how to engage, sell to, and serve customers across all channels and devices.

The well-informed “anytime, anywhere consumer” with mobile device in hand, ubiquitous access to broadband, and a passion for social media exerts far more control over the research and buying process than ever before. This consumer, in his or her quest for the right purchase, will have many interactions across channels and rely more heavily on peers, friends, and family to make final decisions. Businesses need to understand this more complex consumer journey if they are to intelligently connect with customers—wherever, whenever, and in whatever way they prefer to perform research and make purchases. The process of marketing, selling, and building lifetime value in this evolving environment is clearly a new endeavor.

Commerce Anywhere - a whitepaper describes the approach Oracle believes businesses must adopt to serve today’s anytime-anywhere consumers in a seamless, personal way—be it on the Web, in a store, over the phone, via mobile device, or all of the above. Download the whitepaper from here:(PDF)

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