Friday, March 16, 2012

CPG Beauty Brands Embrace Social Media

Market research firm Kline reports adoption of social media marketing by beauty companies is growing, and makers of cosmetics and toiletries grew their viral campaign efforts this past holiday season. Driving the growth in their use of social media is the realization that consumers aren’t always reachable via traditional (and more expensive) channels, like television. 

But that doesn’t mean that beauty marketers are moving away from traditional channels. Couponing promotions, for instance, have been popular of late due to a competitive pricing environment. Beyond that, Kline Senior Associate notes, “there is no cookie-cutter approach…and brands are experimenting with what approaches work best with their business model, their consumer base, and the image they want to project.”

But you can definitely use traditional channels like couponing in the social media channel as well. Indeed brands that do both will probably excel in their conversions.

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