Thursday, March 29, 2012

CPG Marketing Trends: Digital Couponing Enters New Territory

The past few years have shown an incredible swing in couponing trends toward digital coupons. 
According to recent Nielsen data, digital coupon usage will grow from 88.2 million in 2011 to 92.5 million in 2012 and potentially 96.8 million in 2013. Additionally, Nielsen predicts that 52% of online coupon users spend more than 15 minutes a week searching for coupon offers.
With the growing popularity of digital couponing, vendors within the category are constantly looking for ways to improve user experience and stand out in the crowded couponing space. is utilizing multiple unique offerings in order to engage consumers and also appease advertisers. A new video offering, “Video Rewards” offers video assets with a “Coupon Details” tab which allow consumers to watch a short branded video in order to receive a higher-value digital coupon.
Additionally, is offering a loyalty program through YourBucks—dollar-off coupons—as a reward for shoppers who buy featured products. YourBucks may then be used to purchase other products at participating retailers.
With the increasing usage of digital coupons, how can your brand increase engagement with your message as well as incent trial? Is it worth offering a larger coupon amount in order to have consumers watch a branded message in full?

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