Thursday, March 15, 2012

CPG Trade Promotion and Spending Study.

AMG Strategic Advisors, has released the results from its comprehensive Trend Behind the Spend: A Study of Trade Promotion and Merchandising Spending in the CPG Industry. The report analyzed key indicators that reflect today’s retail environment as well as emerging trends in CPG and retailer marketing – making it one of the industry’s most robust reports to date. The results include actionable steps for maximizing marketing budgets, gaining a competitive advantage and leveraging trends:
  • Shopper marketing strategies are increasingly important in helping CPG companies reach target consumers. In fact, three out of five CPG companies use shopper marketing tactics, and more than half expect to increase usage next year. 72 percent of large CPG companies use shopping marketing programs versus 40 percent of small CPG companies.
  • Three out of five CPG companies use digital shopper marketing programs, dominated by Facebook and social media, and more than half expect to increase their usage in 2012.
  • Account-specific marketing is on the rise. Two out of three CPG companies engage in retailer-specific marketing, including 80 percent of large CPG companies, with one-third of non-users planning to implement the technique in 2012.
  • On average, CPG companies spend nearly 14 percent on trade funds as a percentage of gross sales.
  • Product price increases are affecting CPG manufacturers. Nearly 80 percent of companies surveyed took a price increase on at least some of their products in 2011, and they expect to see continued increases in the coming year.

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