Sunday, March 25, 2012

Digitally Memorable CPG Brands

For consumer packaged goods, smart digital = more sales. That’s the conclusion of a recent comScore study which found that consumers who visit websites of CPG brands before visiting a retail spend 37% more on those brands. 

Gone are the days when company websites were simply portals for basic information. A vivid brand identity on the web and two-way communication via social media marketing can help your products stay in the minds of consumers long after they’ve shut their laptops for the day. Here are four tips for making your CPG brand memorable enough to attract in-store buyers.
1) Answer their questions.
The hallmark of social media is that it facilitates two-way communication between a potential customer and the brand. This can also be accomplished directly from the company website. There are apps for gathering customer feedback like SuggestionBox and Feedbackify, and you can respond to comments in your company blog. And make sure the links to your company’s social media sites are visible on your main website.
2) Make your website big, beautiful, and functional.
It’s 2012, folks. Your website’s design needs to reflect the current era. Broken links integrated into outdated content and copy is not only unprofessional, but can drive consumers away. You need to make sure that your website remains competitive against the slew of other commercial sites that customers peruse on a daily basis. For best results, incorporate the element of fun into your site via great design and catchy content.
3) Create and maintain companion social media sites.
Facebook and Twitter aren’t just for keeping in touch with friends. Along with Tumblr and Pinterest, they are extensions of your main website, and hubs for attracting and communicating with potential customers who may not be familiar with your product. If your company is large enough, it may be wise to hire internal talent for the sole purpose of handling your social media accounts, or else contracting an agency to do the same. It takes time, patience, and meticulous attention to detail to upkeep a consistent brand message across all participating platforms.
4) Create a company blog.
Blogging, like e-mail and AIM, is fad-proof. It’s one facet of Internet culture that has been around since the beginning and still manages to remain powerful.  As social media pages are now an addendum to effective websites, CPG websites should maintain up-to-date blogs. This content should be informative, personal and concise. Short blog posts in the area of 300-500 words should include material about your product and topics that are similarly related to your company’s area of expertise. Great blog content also has the potential to go viral.
What is your brand doing to be digitally memorable?

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