Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Discounts Drive Email & Facebook Signups; Too Much Contact Drives Them Away, Study Says

Email and social media are pretty similar when it comes to what drives consumers to connect — or disconnect — with brands.
A new study from email provider Constant Contact shows that the chance to get discounts and special offers is the primary reason that consumers “like” a Facebook page and why they subscribe to a company e-mail list.
The survey, conducted in late 2011, involved 1,481 adults in the U.S. who completed a 15-minute online questionnaire.
Fifty-eight percent of respondents said they subscribe to a company mailing list to get discounts and special offers, while 41 percent said that’s why they “like” a company’s Facebook page. In both cases, it was the number one reason consumers take those actions (see far right below).
The number two reason was also discount-driven — to “take part in a specific promotion.”
Altruism isn’t much of a factor for consumers — only 15 percent join a mailing list and 25 percent like a Facebook page because they want to support a company/organization that they like (see far left above).
Meanwhile, consumers also have similar reasons for both “unliking” a company on Facebook and leaving a mailing list: too much contact and irrelevant content.
“Too many emails” was listed as the top reason for abandoning a mailing list, while “the content is no longer relevant” was the number two reason. When it comes to unliking a company on Facebook, those same two things tied as the main reason.
The Constant Contact data shouldn’t be a surprise. About 18 months ago, a similar study from ExactTarget showed that discounts and promotions are the main reason why Facebook users “like” a company. And just about a year ago, a separate ExactTarget study also showed that too many posts was the main reason why fans stop following companies on Facebook.

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