Monday, March 26, 2012

Discover: A review by

AaramShop was recently reviewed and mentioned in a personal blog TechnoDummy

Below are some excerpts from the blog.

For the busy people out there, going out of the house to buy little knick nacks every now and then can be a pain. This website has come into our lives like a boon by giving us a new – Aaram Way to shop for our daily needs.

You might think what’s new with this website as we can always call up a nearby grocery store and order home delivery? We’ll tell you whatRead On..

Every time you order, you have to first prepare a list of items and due to human error either you can miss out on something or the person on the other end of the line – taking your order. But, there are no flaws here. You have all the items and their prices listed in front of you, with a wide range of choices. Just select what you want and the exact same thing would be delivered to you!

Let’s now have a look at How It Works:
  • All you have to do is  log on to (Register)
  • Select your Essentials
  • Select your Aaramshop
  • Place your Order.
Here's a big vote of thanks to guys at TechnoDummy.

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