Saturday, March 17, 2012

Intelligent Database Marketing Via AaramShop

Since the advent of Social Media marketing in FMCG/CPG Business, most emphasis is given to the communities that brands are building through the Social Media Websites. Hence the empirical dashboards that lay-out success criteria for the new age marketing campaigns have always mostly revolved around the Facebook action buttons or the equivalent.

So knowing the customers "dashboard" would mean dissection of the “Like” or the “Share” list of the community and also doing a demographic analysis of the member database that one can access. Who is buying it? How many times? What are the other things they are generally buying along with my brand? These are consumer information that brand derives either from Last Mile Research Initiative or from a drive initiated by the brand team which have deployed a team of Summer Trainees.

AaramShop, a hybrid retail and marketing model now has tools that can provide brand owners with loads of data and the intelligence attached with it. The following database marketing and analytics based services can be availed on AaramShop.

Database Marketing: Aaramshop provides a data medium to marketers. As marketers, they can explore possibilities of reaching out to the permission enabled consumer data bank of shoppers, registered data of members and other related social media communities. Essentially marketers can explore both the internal as well as external data sources do their marketing. External data sources could be zeroed upon using relational logic in terms of buying power, e-shopping trends etc.

Use of brand badges: This is a good tool to develop a school of loyal customers and assign various levels, grades to each customer who may fall under a particular category. Each category may have different rules of engagement. These rules can be different for different brands or even SKUs. The idea is to create tribes and herds of CPG consumers that can identified basis criteria and marketing communication, and relationship building with customers can be done in a more personal and relevant manner that pays better dividends than blindfolded customer contact initiatives. However the key to this is to be persistent in the “Badge” engagement and awarding process and build it over a period of time so that considerable customer mass is addressed in focused manner.

Consumption Predictive Mechanism: This is a contact program based on the purchasing cycle of a consumer. A brand can leverage the database of AaramShop customers and slice and dice their purchasing pattern basis a particular brand or a genre of product. Post this, depending on the rules set brand owners can target consumers and communicate relevant things so that this leads to off-takes. The ways of getting in touch with consumers could be in the form of Email or SMS depending on the nature of permission to contact we have from the data.

Post Purchase Communication: It is important sometimes to track the customer post sales. It could be in the form of a “thank-you” e-mailer or it can be just a feedback call. Consumers can be contacted after they have purchased a product on AaramShop and user feedback can also be collected in the form of a Email response form.

Bag-it Notifications: This is one of the most effective ways of intercepting purchase online. There are various ways of doing it. There can be fixed as well as dynamic tracking. In a fixed tracking one can be present in a particular sub-category page where all brands are listed. This logic can be worked out basis a “path to purchase” learning of the brand. In dynamic notifications pop up banners can inform the browser why she needs to bag the brand. This may happen during the bagging session or during the check out time.

Screen Shot of the Service on AaramShop
Optimized Path to Purchase: This is the most common way to increase visibility of products in e-commerce websites. There is a section at the bottom of the website which says –“customers who bought this also bought ABC.” A nicely optimized product will find its ways on the path to purchase of customers who are buying related category, sub categories and brands or it may also be optimized basis competition brand as well.

There are certainly many more ways than what has been mentioned above. Each medium on the platform can explode a marketing idea into something more solid, insightful and certainly off-beat catering to audiences through result oriented marketing. For the marketer it may not be the obvious all the time. There are off course 2 roads to travel-one which is proven and the other not so much proven where the possibilities of doing "interesting" is immense.  

Lastly, I would dedicate these famous lines written by the great Robert Frost to my felllow marketers who tread the road less traveled. 

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

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