Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Is digital the future of the high street?

In Nishma Robb's opinion digital doesn’t mean the death of the high street, it means the future. If you look at brands that are developing their marketing strategies and taking advantage of the digital space in terms of ecommerce sites, social media, mobile, QR codes, search engine optimisation and especially click & collect – we can see how these methods are driving not only traffic to their online channels, but also footfall into stores.

Today the definition of what a high street store is has changed, especially since brands like ASOS have made a huge impact in the market. It is difficult to determine which category specific brands belong to, for example, ASOS is a fashion brand with a solely online presence but its brand competitors are TopShop and Miss Selfridge which have both an online and offline presence. Should we class ASOS as a high street brand or not?

High street stores which do have a presence offline as well as online have a greater variety of opportunities to sell their products, rather than a brand like ASOS - yet in terms of digital marketing, ASOS are streets ahead without the presence of an offline shop.

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