Thursday, March 8, 2012

List as a Featured Product (premium services series)

Featured Product on AaramShop-a screenshot
Is your product passively listed on an E-commerce platform? Or does it talk?  Does it speak to it’s probable customers when they are browsing on the platform. 

Nonchalance towards a target customer may cost the brand a bomb!

AaramShop introduces various premium services for all the brands listed on the platform so that these brands can romance with the buyer in a more interactive manner. On such premium listing services that optimizes the product much better than a plain vanilla listing is "List as a Featured Product." The key advantages of this subscription are as follows:

1) Enhanced Visibility: It appears in a random manner on the homepage right at the top of the product. It certainly catches the attention of the visitor. So there is a good degree of probability of it being bagged. Even before the visitor goes into a specific category or sub-category, she may bag the product.
2) Sub-Category Prominence: If you don’t want your brand to be lost in the list or be somewhere in the subsequent pages, you may want to feature it. By availing this service the product/brand appears ahead of the rest. However if there are other products which are already featured in the Sub-Cat, then normal listing logic will apply for the sequencing of the products/brands.
3) Search capabilities: the product is optimized better than an organically listed product. If there is a query then the performance of the Featured Product will be superior.

So when does a brand ideally need to be listed as a Featured product?
If it is running any offer or consumer promotion
On a re-launch or a new product launch.
When it wants to be ahead of the rest and wants prominence
If there is an ongoing campaign on air

To view and example of a Featured Product Listing, Click here>>

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