Saturday, March 17, 2012

Major Changes for Brands on Facebook.

Almost all brands that we know have started to focus on their presence on Facebook and just when they seem to get a hang of things - Change! Facebook released Timeline for brands to replace the existing fan pages format, and brands need to be prepared to switch to Timeline for brands within this month.

The Timeline for Brands format is similar to Timeline for personal profiles. There is a cover photo at the top of the page and two main columns with a dividing line to represent the passage of time. This format gives brands a way to outline corporate history with interesting milestones, which will encourage user engagement.

Tabs are no longer listed as a left-side panel of links, but are now displayed as rectangular panels under the cover photo. Brands can no longer use default landing pages, which controlled what the user first saw when going to a brand page and could be used to increase likes. One feature that will help control what content is viewed first is the ability to “pin” certain posts to remain at the top of the Timeline.

Brands have a new way to communicate with consumers by sending and receiving private messages. This will allow deeper consumer interaction in a less public setting.

Brands may not like changing their approach to Facebook, but the Timeline for brands format presents new ways to interact with consumers.

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